Sparkly Oyster Shell Long Beaded Necklace

$ 98

Oysters have been linked to love from the earliest days of civilization.  Even Casanova, that most famous of lovers, is famously said to have dined on 50 oysters -- for breakfast. Floridians are pretty proud of our oysters and our Apalachicola Bay is said to have some of the biggest, best, most beautiful oysters in the world.  

The Apalachicola Oyster shell in your Phrogfitness piece was collected on the gentle shores of the Gulf of Mexico near Indian Pass, Florida.  Phrogfitness rescues the prettiest shells that have been discarded by nature.

*No live Oysters are fished or harvested for the production of our jewelry.

Sparkles are a girl's best friend! Oyster shell and gold ring strung on a hand strung cream colored crystal bead necklace. 32"'

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